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1663 Media Arts, LLC Presents an Adventurous, Family-Friendly Historical Drama based on the popular Illustrated Children’s Book “Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale” by renowned Author and Illustrator Michael Dooling.

The Movie Elijah and Jack - A Revolutionary Tale is an inspirational, character driven movie that follows young Elijah’s seemingly impossible adventures as he follows his Pa, a farmer who joins the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment during the Revolutionary War, after the British Horse Soldiers storm his farmhouse and tragedy ensues.

The movie will highlight the often-forgotten lives of camp followers who served alongside the armies of the conflict, and will appeal to families and viewers of all ages, lovers of history, and of course appreciators of good film-making.

Elijah and Jack is a Big Picture Film with 120 actors and over 600 special extras, the story has something for everyone!  Action, adventure, a love story and a historical battle scene!

Adventures of an 8-year-old farm boy and his faithful dog caught up during the American Revolutionary War in the struggle to gain Independence for Family, Freedom and Home. 



A Wide Theatrical Release is our first choice. Not knowing if movie theaters will be at full operation at the time we release our movie, we have a Drive-In Movie Theater and Digital Distribution Plan in place.



Through Quiver, we have the opportunity to offer our Movie on all of the leading online retailers such as ITunes, Amazon, Google Play and many more. Dish Network and Direct TV are options. They also support SVOD like Netflix and Hulu.

*60 countries with iTunes
*5 countries with Google
*US & UK with Amazon


To reach the widest audience, Quiver will help create translated subtitles for our film in 20 languages. From French, German and Spanish to Chinese, Japanese and Russian, Quiver makes it easy to give your audience a viewing experience in their native language.


Quiver’s parent company, Premiere Digital, is one of the world’s top media services firms.  Premiere works with leading studios and distributors to encode and deliver content to global broadcasters and video-on-demand (VOD) providers.  Quiver offers the same best-in-class delivery service for independent filmmakers that Premiere provides to studios.


As a top aggregator, this Digital Distribution Plan will provide us direct distribution deals with leading VOD retailers allowing us to distribute independent films through the existing contracts they have in place. Quiver can help any filmmaker find an online audience.

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